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Ordering FAQ

What currency is your website using ?

Our website is only supporting the KWD (Kuwaiti Dinar) currently, in the future we will be adding the USD and EURO currency as well as regional GCC currencies.

Does your website support PayPal ?

We would love to support PayPal, however PayPal has not fully activated their services for the region, once they have activated the PayPal services in region we will be integrating the PayPal payment option.

I cannot proceed with checkout why ?

If you are not able to proceed with checkout chances are that your order maybe affected by the following reasons:

1- Low-Stock marked items need admin approval, a visual verification is made by our staff to ensure that the items are in stock and that there is no stock mismatch between what is online and what is actually available, this usually means that any item that is marked as low stock, we may have only 1 piece left on hand, so as to avoid being charged and refunded we have set this criteria to ensure that no such instances occur during your checkout process.

2- If during checkout your billing and shipping address do not match, we will require further verification from you to ensure that your order and information is genuine, as such we may require from you to email us and or fax us a copy of your national ID, passport, proof of residence, bank statement copy of your credit card in order to validate this process.

Classification of Items on the Website

Items that are marked with Classification: Normal can be shipped internationally.
Items that are marked with Classification: Hazmat cannot be shipped internationally.

Payment Gateway

Our payment gateway is handled by Tap Payment, this will be the payment charge description showing on your statement on successful payment.

Order Status

Pending - Means the order is in the queue.
Processing - Means the order has been received and is being processed by staff.
Processed - Means the order is processed and packed waiting for pickup by courier and or local delivery.
Shipped - Means the order has been picked by shipper and or local delivery.
Complete - Means order has been closed and received by customer.

Can you make a lower value Invoice for my order?

We cannot list or adjust any amount other than the actual amount paid by you on generated invoices or customs forms, items are listed per item price and discount is mentioned on total amount paid, please note that store credit is not a discount, and is taxable depending on your country.

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